At The Center, we strive to provide local leaders with the necessary resources to create balanced renewable energy policies for their community. We strongly believe that balanced policies will provide communities with sustainable, clean energy to make their community a destination for business growth.

Our Mission

The Center for Infrastructure and Economic Development works with local leaders seeking to transition their communities to adapt to and realize benefits from emerging infrastructure and energy technologies. Our goal is to help counties and municipalities stay centered on their core community identities while enabling sustainable, long-term economic growth that benefits local residents and businesses.

We value


Quality policy that balances the needs of local citizens, governments and developers of renewable energy to maximize the benefits for local communities.

Environmental and Property Rights

Protections for the environment and local landowner’s rights so the land and livelihoods are preserved for the future.

Local Leaders

Continual stakeholder input to better assist local leaders in the development of sound renewable energy policies.

Local Communities

The sustainability and economic growth of local communities and citizens.


Providing accurate information on the impacts large-scale renewable energy developments have on rural and urban communities alike.


Access to respected professionals in the fields of renewable energy and local policy development.

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