The Honorable Heidi Heitkamp

National Co-Chair

Growing up in Mantador, ND, a small rural town in southeast North Dakota, Heitkamp learned the value of hard work and community cooperation.  She credits that upbringing to her ability to work, across the aisle, to achieve progress for her rural constituents.   In every public office she has held, including State Tax Commissioner, Attorney General and a United States Senator from North Dakota, Heitkamp prioritized affordable, reliable, and clean energy development for rural constituencies, including North Dakota’s energy workforce.  In the US Senate, Heitkamp was a champion of investment in renewable energy and was instrumental in crafting the compromise that led to a long-term extension of the production tax credit and the investment tax credit.

Heitkamp’s work in the United States Senate was largely focused on improving the quality of life and opportunities for all of rural America.  Heitkamp is excited to work with The Center for Infrastructure & Economic Development because it will allow her to continue to collaborate with state and local governments and local communities to develop essential energy infrastructure for future energy development in rural America.