Jane Tompkins

Iowa Policy Advisor

Jane Tompkins is the Policy Advisor to the Center for Infrastructure and Economic Development in the state of Iowa. Tompkins provides in-depth analyses of municipal ordinances and works with government officials to formulate policies and regulations that support the development of renewable energy.

Tompkins has more than 25 years of experience in planning and zoning at the county and municipal level. An Iowa native, she has worked in Iowa, Illinois, and Florida.  She also serves as a Lecturer at Iowa State University, where she teaches a course on Land Use and Development Regulation Law. She has extensive experience in drafting balanced codes that serve the needs of all members of a community.

Tompkins holds a Bachelor of business administration in finance and a Master of Arts in urban and regional planning from the University of Iowa. She also holds a law degree from Northern Illinois University College of Law. She resides in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with her husband, Chris.

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