Op-Ed: Agriculture and renewables are friends for the future

Solar panels in a rural area

SHARE: Op-Ed: Agriculture and Renewable Energy are Friends for the Future Mike Johanns, published in the Omaha World-Herald, January 1, 2023 If there is one constant in agriculture, it’s that farmland functions as an investment in family, in our culture, our economy, and in our American way of life. Our farmers and ranchers today have […]

RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS – Best Practices to Protect Private Drainage Systems

Drainage Tiles

SHARE: Introduction Landowners are stewards of their land, and when they support renewable energy projects, their top priority is to ensure that the land will remain arable in the future. Privately controlled drainage systems were implemented throughout Indiana to help increase crop yields and improve soil quality. These systems are important to the long-term health […]

The Center’s View: A review of the Center for Rural Affairs “Decommissioning Solar Energy Systems Resource Guide”

solar decommissioning guide

The Center for Infrastructure and Economic Development provides additional guidance on decommissioning to complement the Center for Rural Affairs’ decommissioning resource guide. Introduction The Center for Infrastructure and Economic Development (The Center) believes in policies and projects that balance citizen concerns, energy needs, and that economic benefits from these projects are vital to the prosperity […]