Solar Energy

Solar Energy We understand landowner concerns of large-scale solar projects and we strive to highlight polices that protect these rights while providing reliable solar energy to meet customer demand. Solar Energy Projects At-a-Glance Solar developers obtain voluntary lease agreements or option to purchase from landowners. Solar projects must first receive an approval for construction in […]

Wind Energy

Wind Energy We value the safe installation and operation of wind energy developments and look to help local governments and communities with the best policies to foster these developments to achieve emission reduction goals and deliver reliable and cost-effective energy. Wind Energy Projects At-a-Glance A wind developer measures wind speed and consistency at a declared […]

Supporting Communities

father and son next to a wind mill

Supporting Communities We believe in supporting local communities through the development of renewable energy that provides financial and quality of life improvements for local government and its citizens.  We have seen that many major manufacturers consider access to renewable energy a key factor when deciding where to locate new facilities, providing communities with a ripple […]