How does The Center assist local leaders? Take a look at what we’ve been doing in Iowa.

The Center’s National Co-Chair Terry Branstad (3rd from left) and Executive Director Ross Branson meet with local officials in Fayette County, Iowa.

The Iowa team has reached out to leaders in every Iowa county and numerous communities. Center staff have already had direct engagement and ongoing interaction with officials in over two dozen counties. In Linn County, Iowa Policy Advisor Jane Tompkins is currently lending her expertise to a multi-faceted task force looking into best practices as they review their existing solar ordinance.

Our Center staff also delivered value with renewable energy policy research including wind and solar ordinance review, facility decommissioning information, economic impact analysis, and referral to energy experts and research.

During the first week of February our team set up shop at the Iowa State Association of Counties Supervisors conference. Governor Branstad joined us as we discussed ordinance development, land use and the values of renewable energy with Supervisors from across the state. Many of which are grateful for a new resource to assist them in what can be the tall task of ordinance and policy development.

At the Center we believe best policies for renewable energy will be those that balance citizen concerns, energy needs, environmental, and economic development opportunities. Iowans continue to be keenly interested in renewable energy and our Iowa team is committed to helping communities prosper and realize the benefits of clean energy investment. In 2022 we started talking and learning about challenges and concerns our communities face. In 2023 we can’t wait to help.