A Welcome Message from The Honorable Heidi Heitkamp, National Co-Chair

I have always kept the betterment of rural communities as a top priority during my career. I believe in balanced and respectful policy that allows communities to welcome great economic development, build a strong foundation of growth, and enable modernization but still protecting the great traditions of America’s rural communities. I am honored to join the Center for Infrastructure and Economic Development – an organization that allows me to continue doing the work I championed throughout my political career. 

Serving my home state remains my greatest honor. The people of North Dakota have put their trust in me as their senator, attorney general, and tax commissioner, among other roles. I always strived to work on both sides of the aisle, alongside both Republicans and Democrats, to achieve the best possible outcome for my constituents. I want to keep this spirit of bipartisanship and collaboration at the forefront of my work with the Center. Throughout my tenure as a public official, I pushed for balanced bipartisan policies which enable the betterment of our local communities. I take pride in my commonsense approach.

In all my roles, I supported all-of-the-above energy policies advocating for rural communities to embrace the renewable energy policy that makes the most sense for them. The Center strives to bring communities greater access to the resources vital to their success. Through partnering with the Center, I want to support our rural communities to confidently establish renewable energy policies which will benefit them for years to come. The Center helps America’s farmers and ranchers by giving their local officials the tools to succeed. I am thrilled to join the Center and assist in the great work they’re already doing, because I believe that all of America’s communities deserve to put their best foot forward while creating renewable energy policy.

No matter what community you live in, you deserve the opportunity to benefit from our changing energy, economic, and agricultural landscape. Let us here at The Center help you navigate these changes, open your community to these opportunities, and ensure you maintain your traditions.

The Honorable Heidi Heitkamp

National Co-Chair